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McCabe, Arizona


At one time there was a small town named McCabe, and it boasted several good producing gold mines. You can go gold panning on the dry creek (usually dry - but can run during monsoon season)) that runs through the valley where McCabe stood.

McCabe was a major gold and silver producer that began between 1880 and 1890. In 1899 McCabe got a post office and a telephone.

You will need a gold pan, pick and shovel, and other equipment. You will receive training on how to recover the gold.

You will dig up sand from the rock cracks in the creek bed and pan them for gold nuggets. You get to keep any gold you find. Watch for unmarked old mine shafts, snakes, insects and other hazards!

From Mayer you will drive down the highway to Humboldt and turn on the Iron King mine road. Take the dirt road for 3 miles to the site of the abandoned town of McCabe. There are no buildings left.

The property you will be on was at one time home to the McCabe mine, the Sooner Shaft, The Henrietta Zone, The Gladstone Mine, The Rebel and Little Kicker and The California Mine. The California Mine still has a deep shaft exposed with barb wire fence around it. Don’t fall in.

McCabe's post office was established December 31, 1897 and was discontinued October 31, 1917. All that is left today at McCabe is some mining equipment and the cemetery with headstones still readable.

Approximately 600 people lived here and McCabe even had a six bed hospital. McCabe was plagued with bad luck. First, there were several fires, one of which burned 14 buildings on July 5, 1900. Then, a small pox epidemic in 1901 necessitated a quarantine barrier. 1913 marked the closing of the mine and the town slowly died. McCabe was one of the few towns to actually have a telephone line running to Prescott.

You see what the first gold prospectors who came to this area saw. This is a fun adventure to the early gold country. Relax and enjoy your day as you get away from it all and learn how to find gold.

ALL DONE? Come back to your cabin at the Creekside Lodge and have a great dinner, maybe relax in the hot tub and enjoy the serenity!

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